A city that for centuries awakens with light

In a neighbouring country Bosnia and Herzegovina discover a city where East meets West, the Oriental jewel of the Balkans – Mostar.

Walking trough its pebble roads and exploring the sites will introduce you to the rich and oftentimes painful history of this city.  Arched medieval bridge Stari Most (Old Bridge) proclaimed UNESCO World Heritage Site, Koski Mehmed-Pasha Mosque’s minaret (where you can climb for panoramic city views), city streets filled with vivid markets and local cafes with Turkish coffee and tea.

Enjoy Bosnian cuisine and let yourselves to the stories told by the people who live and love the city.

Driving from Dubrovnik to Mostar you can enjoy the beauty of the landscapes, Vjetrenica caves astonishing interior, and visit town of Počitelj with a breathtaking scenery (many people say it resembles The Lord of The Rings set)


Travel trough Croatia’s southernmost region and Neretva valley area to cross the border into beautiful Herzegovinian countryside, visiting Vjetrenica caves and city of Počitelj. After arriving and exploring the old town Mostar with our experienced guides taste the traditional Bosnian cuisine.