Home of Marco Polo and everlasting fight between Moors and Christians in a sword dance game called Moreška.

Breathtaking architecture, region of Croatia’s best wine, mesmerizing stories and even more mesmerizing nature – we believe that all these reasons should be enough to visit the island of Korčula (pronounced ‘kor-chu-la’).

Traveling along the sea, from Dubrovnik towards the Pelješac peninsula, stop at the city of Ston to explore its streets and enjoy a sip of good Croatian wine in one of the many family-run wineries. In a small town of Orebić, at the peak of Pelješac peninsula, small boat ferry awaits to take you across the sea channel towards the beautiful island and the town of Korčula.

Birth town of famous traveler and explorer Marco Polo has many stories hidden amongst its streets: the oldest written monument in Croatia, towns fortification system, Cathedral of Saint Mark and many other sightseeing highlights that you will visit.


Drive from Dubrovnik to the town of Orebić and stopping along the way in the medieval city of Ston and in a family-run wine cellar on the peninsula of Pelješac, tasting some of the best Croatian wines. Reaching Orebić to catch a boat ferry to Korčula.

After all that walk, and before leaving the island, taste fine local cuisine.